Pathway (2005)


Author: Margaret Derry

Book Details:

  • ISBN: 0-9738335-0-5
  • Format: Softcover with 160 100lb. luna silk pages and 21 full colour images
  • 158 pages
  • Pub. Date: October, 2005

Publisher: Poplar Lane Press


A journey to knowledge, learning and spirit. This odyssey of discovery is full of joys, insights, and revelations for the mind and spirit. Margaret Derry reveals the art in science and the science in art. Discover how these disciplines are entwined throughout history and illuminated by it.

For Margaret Derry life is a journey to knowledge, learning and spirit. In Pathway we see history as a cohesive force binding childhood to mature full flourish of intellectual achievement. The death of Margaret’s mother prompts introspection; a pathway to understanding that the world of knowledge is a continuum; a spectrum of inquisitiveness, investigation and revelation spanning the nostalgic moments of youth and the studied world of adulthood. For her, this includes a decade of self directed painting, studies of science and history leading to artistic and academic achievement; the writing of learned papers, of books, of the raising of a family and the breeding of purebred cattle.

Pathway is a description of destination as well as journey. The destination is her belief that each individual must eventually understand that personal experience is inextricable from cultural experience just as science is from art, and that through the eyes of history vision is made complete.

We are treated to her metaphysical journey, touching on its way stories of dinosaurs, of barns and the critters they house, and memories of Killarney, northern Georgian Bay.