Manitoulin and Region:Voices from the Past (2010)


Author: Margaret Derry

Book details:

  • ISBN 978-0-9738335-4-6
  • Format: Hardcover, 6″ x 9″
  • 272 pages and two dozen drawings and photographs
  • Pub. Date: November, 2010

Publisher: Poplar Lane Press


Provides insight into the story of Manitoulin and Northern Georgian Bay as expressed by the people who experienced it over time. The Author sets the context within which the region developed, and the vivid experiences and perspectives of early government officials, settlers, fishermen, lumbermen and tourists give life to the story through their letters, interviews and narratives.

With some of the earliest human settlement in North America, the region was the centre of archaeological initiatives and controversy. Early Manitoulin relations between First Nations People and whites were driven by poorly drafted and misunderstood treaties. And early settlement of the area provided challenges and experiences seldom remembered today. Travel by water and ice was an integral part of life, along with the related dangers of accidents and death. And the boom and bust of fishing and lumbering provided a drive and then slump of the economy. Throughout, tourism in its various forms was and is central to the region.

The story is enhanced with early drawings of the region by those telling the story and through photographs by professional and local photographers.