Killarney Memoir: Summers over a Century (2008)


Author: Margaret Derry

Book details:

  • ISBN 978-0-9738335-3-9
  • Format: Hardcover, 9″ x 8″
  • 88 pages and two dozen colour paintings and drawings
  • Pub. Date: January, 2008

Publisher: Poplar Lane Press


Describes holidays in a remote Georgian Bay fishing village, as experienced by one family over five generations. Through stories recounted, letters and memories and through watercolours and pencil drawings, this little book shows why a family has loved the area and has eagerly anticipated the annual trip back to Killarney.

The never-changing rocks and water are the continuity that make stories from 1900 relevant to life today, and ensure that contemporary paintings of Killarney scenes are ageless. The excitement of a child experiencing the steamer ride to Killarney in the 50’s is matched by that of children in the 80’s anticipating the annual drive by road for a summer holiday.

The favourite picnic spots and adventures enjoyed by boaters, cottagers and Killarney families today were well loved in 1908 and 1958, and the walks taken through spectacular scenery today mirror the treks of earlier generations. The love of boats and their central role in Killarney life is also ageless.