Horses in Society (2006)


Author: Margaret Derry

Book details:

  • ISBN: 9781487520366
  • Format: Softcover: 6″ x 9″
  • 320 pages
  • published in hardcover, 2006; reissued in softcover 2015

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


This book describes the vanished, working horse world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century in the United States, Canada, and Britain, demystifying its dynamics, and in the process showing how a story of horses can enrich our understanding of certain larger issues.


“This handsome book offers a telling glimpse into the often-charged world of of horse breeding and horse trading in north America and Britain between 1800 and 1920.”
– Lawrence Scanlon, Globe & Mail

“This book is a tour de force, and constitutes a significant contribution to scholarship.”
– Daniel J. Kevles, Department of History, Yale University

“Written in accessible prose, this study is graced by relevant, well-produced illustrations…any horse owner should read this account.”
– Mansel G. Blackford, Economic History Services

“Written with authority, practical knowledge, and enthusiasm, Horses in Society is more than merely a “horsey” book. Social attitudes, eugenics, and prejudice towards the horse economy in the pre-1918 era are included in a text rich with interest.”
– Richard Moore-Colyer, Department of history, University of Wales