Making it Big in Canada – The Life of William Ramsay of Bowland (2010)

Making It Big In Canada The Life Of William Ramsay Of Boland

This is a biography of a Scot who arrived with little in Toronto in 1854, became established as a wholesale grocer when wholesalers were central to business in the country, was involved in the development of railways and banks, and retired at less than fifty years of age with a considerable fortune to build another life over thirty years in Scotland. He was part of a group of businessmen who drove the opening of Canada and the development of the banking system we enjoy today.

Unlike most of his colleagues, he chose to return to Scotland upon retirement to purchase an estate and live the life of a Scottish laird. However, he retained his Canadian relationships through continued investments, annual visits and, utlimately, great generosity to the city that had befriended him.

By Douglas L. Derry