Life and Living Series


Dream of my People: A Home on Lake Erie’s Shore

This book is the story of life around an Ontario country home in the late 19th century, based on the diaries and letters of Adelaide Shay Bell. Enriched by public documents, and letters written to her by other family members, the book describes what it was like to heat houses with wood stoves, preserve food with no refrigeration, travel in open buggies and sleighs on poor roads, and face illness at a time when the medical profession was, at best, unable to offer much help. In spite of these difficulties there is much sunlight in her words.
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Liberty is Dead

Liberty Is Dead: a Canadian in Germany, 1938

In the spring and summer of 1938, Franklin Wegenast, a third-generation German Canadian, took an unforgettable road trip through Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, and Germany. He stopped to talk to people along the way and offered rides to those requesting them. He listened to what his passengers had to say about their lives, the conditions they lived under, and their views on what was happening in Europe.
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Manatoulin and Region: Voices From the Past

Manitoulin and Region:Voices from the Past (2010)

Provides insight into the story of Manitoulin and Northern Georgian Bay as expressed by the people who experienced it over time. The author sets the context within which the region developed, and the vivid experiences and perspectives of early government officials, settlers, fishermen, lumbermen and tourists give life to the story through their letters, interviews and narratives.
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Killarney Memoir - Summers over a Century

Killarney Memoir: Summers over a Century (2008)

Describes holidays in a remote Georgian Bay fishing village, as experienced by one family over five generations. Through stories recounted, letters and memories and through watercolours and pencil drawings, this little book shows why a family has loved the area and has eagerly anticipated the annual trip back to Killarney.
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Georgian Bay Jewel

Georgian Bay Jewel: The Killarney Story (2007)

A book that addresses the beauty and historical significance of northern Georgian Bay. People who have experienced, or may plan to travel through the coastal islands and North Channel, visit eastern Manitoulin, the village of Killarney or explore Killarney Park will be interested in learning about the richness of its history. The many lovers of Georgian Bay will enjoy reading this story that in many ways reflects patterns evident in the opening up of Canada.
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Pathway (2005)

A journey to knowledge, learning and spirit. This odyssey of discovery is full of joys, insights, and revelations for the mind and spirit. Margaret Derry reveals the art in science and the science in art. Discover how these disciplines are entwined throughout history and illuminated by it.
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